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Tristan Simone

Hip-Hop artist, singer-songwriter, and creative director, Tristan Simone, captures and incorporates the styles of his multicultural heritage in his artistry. His distinguished sound honors the musical essences of places he has called Home, including Mexico City, Madrid, London, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, Maine and Costa Rica. 


Emerging from years of training in hip-hop, jazz, RnB and Latin music, Simone was one of the first rappers to be accepted to the esteemed Berklee College of Music, where his talent was recognized with the Berklee Achievement Scholarship. While at Berklee, he quickly became a leader of multiple large production shows tributing some of his own idols like T-Pain and Lana Del Rey. 


Throughout his career, Simone has collaborated, worked with, or performed under the mentorship of industry names like Justin Timberlake, Tia Ray, Missy Elliott, Patáx, Rob Lewis, Jarabe De Palo, Lido, The Main Squeeze, Kurtis Blow, Ashley Rodriguez.


Tristan captivates in venues ranging from prestigious museums to arenas with his infectious energy, rhythmical decor, and hard-hitting storytelling. In 2021, Simone performed at Lollapalooza, debuting his album, ‘The Wounded Coyote’ to Chicago’s eager crowds; an album produced by Sergio Manique Jr, mixed by grammy-nominated engineer, Luca Zadra, and mastered by multi-platinum selling mastering engineer, Mike Tucci. 


Tristan's music is featured in the limited series ‘La Edad de la Ira’ on ATRESMedia, starring Spanish superstar Manu Rios, and written by accomplished author, Nando López. Additionally, The Tristan Simone Show, consisting of Tristan’s early work presented in concert format, airs in Mediaset channels Telecinco and Cuatro.

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