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Simone, an outspoken voice in the LGBTQ+ community and one of the first rappers accepted to Berklee



The Tristan Simone show, which consists of Tristan’s early work presented in concert format, airs once a week in channel Cuatro in Spanish television. CEO of his own distributing company, CoyotL Records, Tristan also takes his talents to visual marketing and management for other artists.


Backed by a full band and three additional singers, Simone dazzled the crowd with Spanish classics like Jarabe De Palo’s “La Flaca” and his own original song, “El Escenario.” The group finished its set with a cover of Rosalía’s “Malamente,” a crowd favorite that was met with raucous applause.


Berklee College Of Music

The music addresses sociopolitical issues around the globe, from race and sexuality to equal rights and community through the genre of hip-hop.



 Simone fuses the styles, genres, and techniques acquired along the way into his music to bring a variety of cultures into his artistry.



For Tristan Simone’s production, for example, we knew that choosing the right people was crucial. We needed the right musician who not only was a skilled professional but also had an empathetic approach and could deliver an honest and unique performance enhancing the words and feelings of the composition


LA C News 24

“Music is dead” un rap, scandito dalla dolcezza del piano e accompagnato nel dettare i tempi da un basso che sostiene senza sovrapposizioni e forzature. Ma soprattutto “Music is dead” è un crescendo di emozioni.


Simone addresses his cultural and political identity as he raps in both English and Spanish.



Rhone will also deliver a keynote address at Berklee’s annual Career Jam event, which will also feature a Sylvia Rhone Tribute Concert performed by student musicians.


Canavese News

Negli States Riccardo Gresino non solo ha conquistato l’apprezzamento per il gusto musicale, professionalità, determinazione e costanza ma ha anche stretto, proprio in virtù delle sue qualità, importanti collaborazioni come quella con il rapper spagnolo Tristan Simone


The Boston Globe

Berklee students bring hits to the stage with celebrity producer Rob Lewis


Berklee College of Music

He has performed for Justin Timberlake, Tia Ray, Missy Elliott, T-Pain, and Sylvia Rhone, among others. He released his debut EP Fyesta in 2019 and plans to release his debut album, The Testimonial Dance of Bella Madness, this summer.

BC Heights

Institute Of Contemporary Arts


The Lilypad

Tristan Simone’s sound is genre-bending and politically provoking; there’s really nothing quite like it! His music will make you take a mental and emotional double-take, all while keeping the party going. He’s a man on a mission, he’s a man with a message, and he’s undeniably captivating on stage.

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